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When is the best time to prune my trees?
Pruning should be a treatment for a specific tree problem.  The timing of pruning is much like the timing of a medical treatment.  Sometimes we take medication in the morning or evening, before meals or after meals, once a day or three times a day.  Like taking medication, pruning should be timed to achieve the best treatment.  To encourage more growth, tree pruning is best done during the tree's dormant period.  To reduce growth, tree pruning is best done during late spring or early summer.  Flower and fruit production are also dependent on proper timing.  Broken or diseased branches can be removed at any time.

Why is topping so bad?
Intuitively, we all know that new branches are connected to branches that are one year old, one year old branches are connected to two year old branches and so on.  When trees are topped, this natural age ratio is destroyed.  The greater the difference in the age of connecting branches the more likely branch failures become.  Topping results in branches (called epicormic branches) that grow straight up and are weakly attached.  Often these break under wind loading.  Topping also reduces the landscape value of trees by as much as 50%.
Why are there so many insect pest problems with Eucalyptus trees?
For about 100 years Eucalyptus have been free from pests originating in their native habitat.  With increased imports from Australia and New Zealand many pests have been imported into the United States.  Because our trees have been protected from these pests, we have very few biological controls for pest infestations.  Many of our natural predators are of limited value to controlling these introduced pests.  Over time introduced Eucalyptus pest predators will begin to control these introduced insect pests.  We must be patient and allow natural systems to evolve for the protection of the Eucalypts.  Information also suggests that human intervention (bio-terrorism) is responsible for many of the Eucalyptus specific pests introduced into California.

When is the best time to plant trees?
Container or boxed trees may be planted at anytime when irrigation is available.  Bare root trees are best planted in mid-winter.  Do not purchase or plant bare root trees that have already begun to leaf out before planting.

Why is Treeco's estimate for work so expensive?
At Treeco, we believe that price is what you pay and value is what you get.  If you have a $5.00 tree we recommend you hire a $5.00 tree pruner.  The average value of an unpruned landscape tree, with a trunk diameter of 10 inches, is $1,500.  Proper pruning can increase this value by an average of 10% ($150.00).  Improper pruning can decrease the value of the tree up to 100% if the tree dies.  Treeco expects to increase the landscape value of every tree we prune.  Pruning is a treatment for a specific tree care problem.  Treeco matches the appropriate tree pruning treatment to the specific tree care problem.  While our price may be higher than other tree care providers, the real cost is offset by the increase in the value and life span of a properly maintained tree.